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ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

Ooty, also called Udhagai, is a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu. This misty place is situated in the Nilgiri’s area. This beautiful and picturesque tourist spot also attracts many film production houses for shooting scenes that can put Hollywood to shame.  Ooty tour packages is the best for all categories of people between 5 to 85 age to visit here for relaxations.ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

While traveling in Ooty Tour, here are the locations we suggest you surely visit these places:

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is a government property and is among the most visited places in Ooty Trip. Covering a vast area of more than 50 acres, the garden is further divided into many sections and is located on the slopes of Doddabetta Peak. The terraced layout of this garden adds to its enchanting beauty. Thanks to temperate climatic conditions, this region attracts hundreds visitors daily.

Doddabetta Peak 

In Kannada, Doddabetta translates to “Large Mountain”. This is the highest in Tamil Nadu and is surrounded by a verdant jungle. This region is host to a variety of wild animals and comes under reserved forest areas. Doddabetta Peak is just 9 km away from Ooty. Trekkers and mountain climbers love to visit this place at least once in their life . Once you reach the peak, you get an astounding view of the Chamundi Hills. The panoramic view makes even novice photographers learn how to use the “Panorama Mode” of their cameras with ease. Ooty Tour Package is one of the adventurous trip with lot of mountains and the chill climate.

 Rose Garden

The largest of its kind in the country, the Rose Garden stands proud at an altitude exceeding 2000 meters. On the beautiful slopes of the Elk Hill, the garden is spread over 9 acres. The Tamil Nadu Horticultural Department manages this majestic garden.

A heaven on earth for honeymoon couples; this garden is among the most romantic locations in India. The fact that more than 20,000 varieties of roses can be found here is a remarkable feat the horticulture department has achieved. These beautiful flowers can be observed from the observation deck called “Nila Maadam”.

Nilgiri’s Mountain Railway

This vintage railway line was built during the British rule in early 19th century. The beautiful railway road around the mountains is often called the Queen of Railway Stations. This marvelous feat of engineering is located at an elevation exceeding 2000 feet. The charming train comprises of exotically colored wooden coaches. Tourists love to ride this train and savor the railroad journey in the mountains.

 Avalanche Lake

Located 28 km from Ooty, the formation of this lake in the Nilgiri’s was a natural phenomenon. In the year 1823, a massive landslide caused the formation of this lake and thus, it got its name. Ooty Tour Package Here, you would see small waterfalls encircling the mountains, creating a picturesque ambiance. The immensely dense forests around the lake don’t even let the sunlight pass through them.

 Emerald Lake

This lake is a scenic paradise is located in the Emerald village. Situated in a region called the Silent Valley, Emerald Lake is 25 km from Ooty. Thanks to its grand backdrop, Emerald Lake is a favorite picnic spot for visitors, locals and international alike. People wait for to witness the most splendid sunset and reach here early in the morning to watch the sunrise.

Mukurthi National Park

Located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, Mukurthi National Park hosts visitors who mainly come here to see the Nilgiti Tahr. A uncanny resemblance of its flora and fauna with that of the Himalayan regions is a fascinating attribute of this region. Typical of high altitude areas, the vegetation and rocky plains are a favorite of many trekkers.ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

Kamaraj Sagar Dam

Out of all places to visit in Ooty, this dam offers the best fishing and educational activities. Also known as the Sandynallah Reservoir, the Kamaraj Sagar Dam is an ideal place to enjoy a pleasant picnic. Film makers and study groups love to frequent this place.

Stone House Ooty

The Stone House in Ooty is considered to have a huge contribution towards its evolution as a prominent summer resort for British period bureaucrats. Presently, Ooty  has become one of the most visited Tourist Locations in India and abroad and after the Ooty Tour Package you will feel the climate and the nature with wonder.ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

 St.Stephen’s Church Ooty

St. Stephen’s Church is among the oldest churches in this region. Established in 1829, the main beam and other important timber used in building this church were taken from Mughal Emperor Tipu Sultan’s palace. Set in beautiful greenery , the serene atmosphere in this region will surely help visitors feel as if they belong here.

 Golf Course

Equipped with world class amenities, this golf course, situated at an elevation of 7000 feet above the sea level is nothing like other golf cruises you’ve ever seen. Although it is an eighteen hole golf course, playing the first 9 holes is considered an achievemnt in itself. Thanks to many changes in elevation, completing the rest nine holes proves to be an onerous task.

 Sims Park

Usually accessible via toy-train, Sims Park is 32kms away from Ooty. Similar to the botanical garden in Ooty, this park hosts very rare plants and trees. The park, which is situated in Coonoor, also hosts the famous fruit show in summers. If your planning to an ooty tour package then you have the option to visit both ooty and coonoor. ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

 Dolphin’s Nose

The best viewpoint in the Coonoor/Ooty region. The well laid roads leading to Dolphin’s nose are also narrow, and come across a good test of driving skills for drivers and riders. The view of Catherine falls is an astounding sight from Dolphin’s nose viewpoint. At a distance of 15kms from Coonoor town, there’s a small tower that provides far better view. ooty tour package make you to enjoy the dolphine nose view point and the coonnor best spot. ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

Pykara falls

Ooty tour will  make you more happy while watching the Pykara falls, this is one of the perfect picnic spot. This ooty tourist attraction is located amid lush greenery and incredible sights and attracts people from all corners of the world. Pykara falls offer everything that a person wants when he/she thinks of a time-out from routine life. Spending quality time with family and friends here would be a rejuvenating experience. You can also enjoy a boat ride in the lake and savor the strikingly awesome scenery around the lake.ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

The Doddabetta Tea Factory, located in Ooty, spans around one acre of land. It is situated at height of 1800 meters. This factory produces more than 360 tons of tea every year.

The tea museum is a must see when you visit this site. Here, you’ll find a huge number of artifacts and expositions of interest to the tea lovers. Getting to know this brew turned into an intellectual drink and influenced the social and cultural aspects and daily routines of millions around the globe is an interesting and insightful story.ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

 Lamb’s Rock

On the way to Dolphin’s nose, you’ll spot another viewpoint called Lamb’s rock. The rock is named after Captain Lamb, a collector during the British rule. He was the man who was responsible for making efforts towards making this point accessible for those who love to observe nature. The viewpoint stands tall at 5000 meters above the sea level, providing a beautiful panoramic view of green hills and awesome scenery around. Cool breeze and light mist easily lets you drop in your relaxed state of mind.

Next time you wish to travel to a place where you can enjoy a slow and peaceful life that completely contrasts your routine life, make sure you consider Ooty, The Scotland of India.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight, Car, Train

ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

ooty tour packages ooty honeymoon packages

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